Friday, 21 October 2011


As part of a personal social experiment, I recently had a good friend of mine lock me out of facebook. The idea was that I would use my regained time to work on my all important, Honnors Degree in Textile and Fashion Design Management. However I have found myself searching for other ways to fill my time and brag to the world how interesting (or not) my life is.

And so Lip-Zip is born. Stemmed from my love of lipsticks and zips, yes, its that simple! Over the years, mainly through my choice of tattoos and accessories the two have become somewhat my unofficial logos. Representing my outstanding personal qualities; Bright, beautiful, full of life and... functional?! OK so the zip was an earring bought for me by one of my good friends but it has been dangling from my ear for all of two years now and it is always a great conversation piece.

Anyway, here's me:

KIDDEN ON! That is obviously a rubber duck wearing an afro. Don't worry, there are many more duck photos to come.

This is me:

More updates to come!