Friday, 9 August 2013

NYC - 185 Hope Street

After purchasing a voucher for 2 Beers and 2 burgers from, I took my first venture to NYC - a newly opened bar / restaurant on Hope Street.

I sat down to lunch with a friend in one of the window seats, the place was pretty quiet with one staff member behind the bar. After we ordered our beers we both had a swatch at the menu on the table. It very quickly became apparent that I was not getting a choice in what I was ordering from the 'burger menu'. So it was a falafel pita sandwich with garlic mayo for me and a Manhattan burger for my friend.

After a little while I once again felt the familiar pang of food envy as we were given our respective dishes. I stared across at my pal's burger; piled high with cheese, bacon, onion rings and barbecue sauce. Then I looked down at my pita, with two balls of falafel popped in next to some salad. Both dishes came with a healthy dose of fries and a selection of condiments on the table. After chopping my falafel and attempting to spread it across the pita I got stuck in, it was pretty tasty, but it was no burger.

I think perhaps the common misconception about vegetarians is that we want to be healthy, which is true to an extent, I watch what I eat. However, if I'm going to a restaurant to eat a burger, I want the works! I want cheese, I want onion rings, I want fried, fatty and filling. I want brioche, I want a bun!

If you are choosing from the rest of the New York themed menu you will be choosing from a bagel and cream cheese (not bad for lunch), nachos, penne arrabiata or a pizza / calzone with toppings of your choice (think little Italy).

Overall, I was disappointed in the lack of choice as opposed to the actual quality of the dish. I will however definitely be back. After lunch we decided to sample a cocktail from the extremely varied, New York novelty drinks menu with a cocktail to suit every person and every occasion (and all meat free!). I sipped on a strawberry daiquiri from a tall, frosty milkshake glass which was outstanding value at a mere £3.50! With tempting alternatives such as the 'Especial Mojito' (Havana, fresh limes, sugar, mint and soda) or the 'Sex and the City' (Lime vodka, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, sugar, lemon juice, Creme de Cassis and apple juice) I was spoiled for choice. With all that fruit in there, maybe I should spend my next visit dining on the cocktails!?

NYC's Drinks Menu

Quick Rating:
Choice: 2/5
Quality: 3/5
Overall Experience: 3/5

For more information: Visit NYC's website here.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Pass The Vegetables...

I have a Bee in my bonnet, a thorn in my side, nae - I have HAM in my cheese toastie. 

Let me give you a bit of context; 

As a teenager I was a struggling vegetarian. I then relapsed into meat eating through my university years but in November last year I resolved to be a pescetarian (no food with lungs, gills are ok). 

Now, I like my food and I LOVE eating out but it would seem that cafes and restaurants do not love me. Just the other day I found myself walking out of a cafe because they had 'run out' of vegetarian options. The week before, I found myself at two very high-end establishments; while I watched everyone around me eat their choice of duck, lamb, steak, or chicken, I had no choice but a beef tomato stuffed with mushrooms (two of my least favourite vegetables)or casual, Italian gnocci, with a basic tomato and parmesan sauce. The kind of dish I make on a Monday night when I'm too lazy to really cook. Don't even get me started on Chinese takeaways!

My questions are; Why are vegetables only a side dish? Why are vegetarians an after thought? Why should I have to worry about eating on a night out? More and more of us are trying to eat more veg and less meat. Sure, there are plenty of quaint little places that are completely vegetarian or even vegan but that's not exactly appetising either. Try convincing your meat loving pals that they should all spend their hard earned cash in a restaurant that has no burger, steak or chicken.

I am now going to make it my personal quest to find the best veggie friendly eateries in Glasgow. From now on, each of my dining out experiences will be documented online, scrutinised for the number of veggie choices and the originality of the dishes. Points off for safe options like mushrooms and goats cheese (NOT ALL VEGETARIANS LOVE MUSHROOMS). Glasgow - I'm coming to eat you, one vegetable at a time!

My Home made vegetable lasagne.