Tuesday, 8 November 2011

I Love Scotland!

I don't often find myself feeling patriotic but something about this time of year reminds me of why I love living topside of the UK.

It's not just the clean, crisp November frost and the fact that I get to wrap up in as much of this season's knitwear as humanly possible.

Only in Scotland can you spend two days solid partying after attending Optimo's Annual Espookio at SubClub as 'That creepy girl from the ring' and in the same seven days find yourself at the centre of a 'strip the willow' at a countryside Ceilidh. There is a reason why bands, singers and DJs say that their Scottish gigs have the best crowds and why one of the biggest music festivals is hosted in our quiet Scottish countryside.

We know how to party!

And while animals hibernate as the days shorten and the nights grow longer. Scotland's party animals come out of their summer slumber and traipse the streets of Glasgow in search of fun and merriment.

So I have come up with a Top Ten Guide of rules to go by when celebrating in Scotland.

1. Line your stomach. We are the binge drinking capital of the world.

2. Pack flats. You never know how long / enthusiastically you will need to dance!

3. Understand that 'Aye Right' means the opposite of yes.

4. It is quite possible when slurring his words you will not understand a word a drunk Scotsman says. Smile and Nod. If needed edge away or wave at an imaginary friend and run.

5. Hide a cheeky tenner in your bag / bra that way when its time to go home you have taxi fare and probably enough for chips and cheese, a Scottish delicacy.

6. If you want to blend in, make sure you turn your fake tan up from natural to Wotsit.

7. The Disco Nap is your friend. Like a Duracell bunny, a 40 minute power-up can help you go all night - and morning!

8. Make a 'Pal'. Some of my best nights have been when a friend of a friend has scored me a Q jump or whispered to me about an after party.

9. Use the Buddy System. I LOVE to mingle and people are always very friendly but always make sure someone knows you are home safe.

And finally...

10. Enjoy yourself and make sure you get up to plenty of mischief!

Who else has experienced Glasgow's Night Life!? Where do you love to go?

Glasgow has plenty of bars and clubs to offer. My personal favourites are :

The Arches
Sub Club
Chambre 69
and The ABC

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