Saturday, 10 December 2011

Who would like some candy!?

Yes I am in the middle of exams but sometimes you just have to blow off some steam. Following my Strategic Management exam on Thursday, my pal's Christmas Party was the perfect opportunity.

Now let me remind you that I live in a small town saturated with extremely creative individuals, when there is a dress up theme implied, expect the worst. Most people at a 'Christmas Party' would wear a festive jumper, or perhaps a Santa hat.. there is always one CRAZY person who wears a sexy Santa dress. Not me no.. what do I go as?? 
A Candy Cane.

Now I know it is no Katy Perry...

But for a last minute costume, I would say I look pretty good!
(I did win a prize after all.)

To achieve this look I simply piled my hair up into a Hollywood roll / bun and sprayed red and white hairspray stripes all over. I then painted part of my face white and added red stripes with lipstick. Tights and dress are self explanatory. If you are planning to copy this look I recommend you buy red eye shadow... two days later and I am still sporting faint red lines.. you have been warned!

Now if this picture doesn't say Christmas, I don't know what does!

Other guests included; The Snow Queen, A Christmas tree, A Christmas Pudding and a Scarf. (My personal favourite and fellow prize winner!)

Can't wait to get my full festive swing on! Hope everyone else is getting excited!

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