Thursday, 29 November 2012

Jive Baby on A Wednesday Night

Ladies and Gentlemen, last night, I went to my first Jive Dancing Class.

Let me take you back to a few weeks ago when for the millionth time I was discussing with my pal how great the two of us would be as Jive Dancing partners... and how fun it would be to do amazing dance moves on a night out and alienate everyone around us with our awesomeness...

So I started looking into it, and turns out Glasgow actually has a few jiving clubs around the city! On a friend's recommendation I chose a class at Glasgow's Grand Ole Opry just off Paisley Road West.

Upon entering the country western club I couldn't help but giggle at the quirky decor. The class was a steal at £3.50 for two hours of dancing. Having danced for most of my life I was able to pick up the 6-beat rhythm quite quickly but let me tell you, it's not easy! I was slightly embarrassed that the woman double my age dancing next to me wasn't breaking a sweat, while I tried to keep up. The 30 or so people who were there ranged in ages from 17 to 70 and everyone was up for a laugh. The instructors (A couple, who are BATD trained AND have been dancing together for 10 years) were great fun with a  full on Glasweigain sense of humor, they took extra care of us as it was our first time.I will certainly be going back next week - I give it 3 weeks before I'm being tossed around and throwing shapes like a pro! Perhaps that's a little bit optimistic...

If you fancy yourself jiving around I recommend you get yourself the following:

A sensible pair of shoes for dancing.
Schuh - £50

If Converse were good enough in the 50's... they're good enough now! 

A pair of knickers to protect your modesty...

Topshop - £22

And of course! A fantastic dress that channels that Rock n' Roll vibe

Image 1 of Minkpink 'Snow Palace' Cut Out Velvet Skater Dress

ASOS - £68

I'll report back when I'm awesome at this! ;)

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