Tuesday, 18 September 2012

I have friends in high places

So it was my Birthday a few weeks ago.. I hosted a 'Mad Catters' Tea Party' where I served cocktails out of charity shop tea pots, finally wore my cat ears out the flat and generally got good and merry!

I treated myself to two things on my Birthday:

Topshop Dress-Up Dress : Sold out

I wore the GAs out to the dancing for the first time and may I say - it was like dancing on fluffy clouds all night! They are quite possibly the comfiest shoes I have ever partied in. My high-heels are getting the boot (lol). OK, too far - I still love my heels but these trainers are quickly becoming my favorite choice for a night out. Teaming them with this dress gave me a girly but cool look. 

Dancing the night away in the Sub Club with all my feline friends in a white puffy dress did turn some heads. My almost top part of the night had to be when I was asked the question; 

"Are you having your hen night... in the subby!?"

But really my night was complete when, during my favorite future disco tune, I was hoisted into the air and thrown about like the barbie doll I was trying to dress as. I love my pals <3

After all this madness, I came home to a very beautiful package from my long lost Laura:

It pays to have friends in high places :) 

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