Friday, 6 April 2012

A Lip-Zip Guide to - P. r. o. c. r. a. s. t. i. n. a. t. i. o. n.

Hiya Pals!

OK, so it has been a while since I last updated, mainly due to me writing my dissertation which I had to save all my best words for. A dissertation is a large quantity of work encouraging students to take upon themselves a topic they wish to study. What I learned from my dissertation is that I am perhaps the best person in the world at: Procrastination. So here are my favourtie ways to procrastinate. I reckon there are hundreds of thousands of ways to do this but these were frequent occurences for me...

Step 1: Spend hours upon hours staring blankly at your Facebook profile / writing attention seeking updates:

Step 2: Make a blog – See my very first post!

Step 3: Tidy your room, colour co-ordinate your nail varnishes, wash your windows, fold your underwear... you get the idea.

Step 4: Drink. A lot.

Step 5: Go out, go out as often as you can, the further away from your place of the study the better!  This also compliments Step 4 very well. I could pretty much write off 3 days for one night out in Glasgow – preparation, travel, the hangover, the journey back the 'adjustment period'. I figure my last year spent as a student should not be wasted spending nights in!

Step 6: Spend a lot of time looking contemplatively out of your window. Try not to think too hard about any topics of substance as this could lead to productivity. The key is to let your mind drift away. This could also lead to a mid-afternoon nap.

Step 7: Just when you feel like you are about to start doing something valuable with your time – Notice that you definitely need to dye your hair a wild colour, start designing that tattoo you have always wanted or repaint your nails and probably toe nails too, and then spend ages making them perfect.

Step 8: Run for an election – You have two months before your deadline; a perfect opportunity to put yourself forward for a role in your University's Union. Kills a good 3 weeks doing important things and making like the West Wing / trying not to seem like Elle Woods.

Ok, so maybe a little bit of Elle Woods isn't too bad...

Step 9: Doodle. Having a pen in your hand is a dangerous step towards writing down something useful. So start keeping yourself busy with a few doodles... just whatever comes to mind...

Step 10: If you are still struggling for ways to fill your time, how about helping others? A mere week before my deadline, I found myself modelling for my very talented friend Kirsty Hunt, much to my enjoyment! Her collection lit up for goodness sake! How could I turn that down?!

Let me tell you the list can go on and on. I would love to see some procrastination stories from all of you!

Btw, I did get the work done in the end - Cue the fear, insane amounts of coffee, hours of minimal techno-music (good for concentration), an entire forest worth of paper and a large amount of my sanity.
And if I had to do it all again I would not have done it differently.

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