Monday, 16 January 2012

Idle Hands...

Once again, in the land of Gala me and my flatmate found ourselves at a loose end. After a few glasses of wine* with friends I suddenly find myself being turned into a human doodle!
Yes, Johanna decided to practise her drawing skills on my face by imitating a Mexican Sugar Skull, usually seen at the famous Dia De Los Muertos festival in Mexico.

Not bad for some eyeliner / shadow eh!? Although, I do warn you that Johanna is in fact a freelance illustrator. Here is a scarf she made recently, modelled by my foot.

To see some of her awesome work and my super modelling skills - click here!
It's like my granny always says, the devil makes work for idle hands.. so better keep 'em busy making beautiful things!

*lip-zip encourages you to drink responsibly. (Most of the time)


  1. Awesome scarf! And thanks for visiting my blog and my comment, also for correcting me, it is always helpful for me to learn new things ;) x

  2. Thanks Serina! You're welcome, hope it helped you! :) x