Sunday, 17 February 2013

Day 3

Like I said, it's Day 3 and already, I am BORED. 

I spent a good 45 minutes this morning fiddling and folding around and have managed to create myself some sort of dress. The skirt actually splits right up to my pants but I slipped on another jersey mini skirt underneath to create a layered effect.

It was a nice day today so I opted for my first bare legs of 2013, teamed with some cosy Fairisle  socks and a borrowed cardigan. My heeled trainers are from ASOS and are now in the sale, typical, so snap up a bargain! They are super comfy.

I ventured to the West End this afternoon to visit Glasgow's newest vintage shop.
I was in the market for a nice, kind-of-long, definitely cosy, mature-but-cool, wool (but doesn't have to be), parka / jacket / coat. You know the one I mean...
The thrift store had many an exciting bargain including outrageous 80's prom dresses and an entire rail of leather but sadly not my dream coat. I left empty handed. 
The shop itself is a great concept and I can see myself frequenting it in the future, what I will say is watch out for broken zips / stains, these faults are only to be expected in vintage clothing but just make sure you are capable of fixing them before you rush to the till.

Hope everyone had a swell weekend. Anyone else been thrifty recently?

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