Thursday, 12 January 2012


Well I am now back in the rural Galashiels. Land of two 24hr supermarkets, at least 1000 fashion students and about 6 charity shops. Lets just say, there is not a lot to do.
While this will soon benefit me as I have 11 weeks and counting to complete my final year dissertation right now I am a little bit bored.

Time to make use of a very cute, very kitsch Secret Santa gift from the girls at dancing. Silicone cupcake moulds shaped like tea cups, accompanied by adorable little saucers.

I am a very keen baker, unfortunately I didn't have the resources to make coffee flavoured cupcakes so I opted for cola instead. (similar colour, zingyer taste) The recipe was taken from the hummingbird bakery 'cake days' cookbook and I decorated with dark chocolate sprinkles found in the baking aisle of any super-duper-store.

My friends all agree they were delicious.
I have a gift. If I fail in fashion I am definitely opening my own bakery / coffee shop.

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