Monday, 2 January 2012

A little Festive Indulgence...

Hiya Pals!

Happy New Year!!

The past two weeks have been an surreal blur of turkey, roast potatos, sale shopping and booze. I wish I could say I have something to show for it. I don't. But boy did I have a good time! Considering I usually dread New Year and all it's complications this year treated me well with a 12 hour marathon of good company, new friends and a whole load of disco music. I also seem to remember a mini ceilidh in there too!
Notes I am making for next year are:

1. Always make sure you make too much food. Leftovers are sooo much better for hangovers than Maccy Ds.
2. Allow at least one day inbetween events for recovery. I am too old to party continiously and my skin is less than amused at me.
3. Having in your possesion a nice fancy jumper will keep you cosy at any after partys while still looking festive.
4. I suit wigs (see video) and should use this to my advantage.
5. I need to find something to top this Christmas present for next year:

I'm told I am the best girlfriend ever. Just saying. He might be baised... but I'll take it!
Here's to a New Year - A year of dissertaions, exams, graduation, the fear and many more memorable moments!

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