Friday, 6 January 2012

This one's for all the E's

I am Disappointed. Outraged. Somewhat suicidal!

Yesterday was the last straw, my last faithful high street store let me down, M&S YOU FAILED ME.
First of all, let's see a show of hands, how many of you out there have a larger than average cup size!? Since I turned 18 I have had a large cup size and a narrow back resulting in an awkward 32E. Excluding me from such high street chains as Top Shop, New Look and h&m. I have had to watch wistfully as my small friend strutted around Agent Provocateur's late night shopping event in various contraptions (she now works there, yes girls, feel very jealous!) while I felt frumpy and foolish squeezing into the few options that would fit me.
I have about 5 bras I wear in rotation 2 pairs of which are the same but different colours. I find myself wondering, why am I forced to be boring!?

However I have always found a safe haven in Marks and Spencer, their bras might not always be racy but they are pretty and usually available in my size. You can imagine my excitement when I walked into the lingerie department last night and spotted this on the mannequin:

My eyes turned to saucers; I HAD to have it. I was sold. It was so quirky and somewhat patriotic. (My estranged boyfriend would love it!) I rushed to the rack confident to find my size, only to be disappointed and upon further investigation I was informed that this collection was only available in cups A-DD.

Why should I be denied to wear this!?
I am fed up strapping myself into boulder holders day in, day out. I am embarrassed to admit I only have one set of matching underwear, a 21st gift from the beautiful friend that works in AP. Sometimes a gal just wants to feel good and I am of the personal belief that dressing from the inside out affects this. Why should bras like this be my only option?

Even my mum has nicer underwear than me. I know I am not alone. I found myself high-fiving a girl on New Year's Eve in the bathroom complaining about the exact same problem. I don't want foam, or padding and certainly NOT gel lining. I am just asking for a nice design in MY size. Bra designers of the world - CATCH UP!

So to all the larger than average girls out there - this one is for you! You are not alone, we need to demand more for our size! Failing that, can ANYONE point me in the direction of the solution? Or the magic, secret lingerie shop I seem to have overlooked?
Thanks in advance!

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  1. Ladies!
    On facebook my dearest lingerie friend has sent me the answer! Let me introduce:

    Happy Shopping!!